Understanding Hearing Aids


The number one problem in amplifying sound to alleviate an impaired hearing rest on the ability of the device to separate those troublesome background noise while simultaneously enhancing critical speech signals necessary for understanding.  In other words, it is not just enough to have your audiologist conduct a comparative hearing aid selection where the patient would pick up the one that fits them best.  What is more important is what type of technology is used to amplify speech signal and control those unnecessary loud sounds that can choke one hearing tolerance.

There are some analog hearing aids that are able to detect whether a sound is loud or soft.  What this means is the device is able to recognize loud sounds like traffic sounds that it does not amplify further.  This feature is called automatic gain control.

On the other hand, the digital hearing aid from http://hear-better.com has a more sophisticated means of processing incoming sounds and converts them into clearer and more audible sounds and these sounds are released at the right sound level into the ears of the patient so that he can receive them comfortably.  Thus, when an audiologist makes a prescription, it is more precise, and able to target your level of hearing loss, personal lifestyle, and appearance factor.  Your hearing professional will be able to bring you closer to normal hearing than with the use of the traditional analog hearing aids.

And since they are digital, then that alone makes it a great hearing aid.  With this, even when your hearing problems becomes worse, you don’t need to replace it.  These digital siemens hearing aids can actually be reprogrammed by your hearing aid professional so that you don’t need to buy a new unit.

To take this hearing factor deeper, it must be remembered that at the center of human hearing is the most powerful signal processor found in our brain.  And if the sound input from both ears are not fully functioning, the sound processor in the brain is simply lest to guess.  When the central processor receives electric energy converted from sound coming from both ears, it is able to interpret the sound, but when this information is marred then the interpretation also becomes incorrect. To learn more about hearing aids, visit http://www.encyclopedia.com/medicine/divisions-diagnostics-and-procedures/medicine/hearing-aid.

In the same way, if you just amplify sound without filtering out what our central processor in the brain has been doing to sounds in the environment, discriminating particular sounds of signals, cuing sounds that has been stored as memory, then there will be a distorted processing, and your common and rational perception is affected, and the only way to bring it all back to normal behavior is to correct it immediately through this human made technology which is the hearing aid.


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